Amicus Committee

Gary Stein

Eastern District of New York Liaison Committee

Mark S. Cohen (Chair)
[email protected]
Seth L. Levine

Ethics, Rules, and Legislation Committee

Michael J. Grudberg
Jonathan S. Abernethy

Luncheon Committee

Robert J. Jossen

Membership Committee

Jillian Berman (Chair)
Florian Miedel

Jonathan S. Abernethy
(212) 707 1322

New York District Attorney Liaison Committee

Michael C. Miller (Chair)
Charles E. Clayman
Andrea Likwornik L. Weiss
Michael F. Bachner
Isabelle A. Kirshner
Thomas C. Rotko

Retreat Committee

Sentencing Guidelines Committee

Catherine M. Foti (Chair)
Michael F. Bachner

Christopher P. Conniff
Sharon L. McCarthy
Marjorie J. Peerce

Southern District of New York Liaison Committee

James J. Benjamin, Jr (Chair)
Evan T. Barr

Website Committee

There are currently no members in this committee.